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Once a month, a curated art "episode" featuring songs, poems, videos, commentary, and imagery to inspire, relax, strengthen, and give hope in what can feel like perilous times. 

Conservative Values

A break from the vulgarity, mediocrity, banality, and censorship so present elsewhere in entertainment & online.  Come into a 'zone of freedom' where authentic stories and truth, beauty, and goodness take centre stage. 

Beauty & Stories

Beauty and stories have always been the backbone of a healthy society: we need to be reminded of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. Art matters, crucially.

Music & More

Beautiful original songs by professional singer-songwriter Kay Clarity--with true artistic vitality, narrative strength, and poetic lyrics.

And much more. 

Sit back and enjoy exquisite, curated imagery; fresh thoughts on the cultural and political scene; original and classic poetry; original videos--and whatever else the Kay Clarity Team mixes up for you that month!

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We All Crave Something Better


In a world of news, noise, fighting, and often offensive entertainment, we all crave something better.  Mindless scrolling and most online entertainment, rooted increasingly more in radical ideology, often leaves us worse off—frequently exhausted, numb, and even angry and sad.  The constant undermining of our deepest and noblest desires through a radical agenda means they are slowly eroded, and we find ourselves drifting increasingly more from who we want to be.  


We lose sight of the “why” behind our conservative convictions—beauty, truth, goodness, and authentic human flourishing in family, faith, freedom, and real community.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


It's time for something unique for the thoughtful conservatives of the world.


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Be Part of Building a Better World

Artists have always been indispensable in times of upheaval. Always. There is no way forward without them telling our true story.

Here at Kay Clarity, we are beginning a new movement of conservative artists, beginning with Kay, who will tell our human story back to a world so in need of it.

It's not game over; we are only just beginning. Join us & make 2021 a year of hope, vitality, and the revival of our greatest virtues.

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