A voice for a new era in America & beyond


Meet Kay Clarity.

A high-calibre songwriter & performer. A conservative, America-loving Canadian. Writer, academic,  humanitarian. Homegrown & world-travelled. Down-to-earth visionary.

Sophistication meets simplicity.  Faith meets reason.  Logic meets heart.


A singular artist for the 21st century.


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An International Talent


She's a musician and songwriter formed from a diverse palette: the unassuming Saskatchewan prairies in Canada; the greatest books of Western civilization; an old-world European sensibility; the tragic melancholy and gritty Catholicism of Ireland; 19th-century Russian novels and 20th-century British literature; the robust, brave joy of Africa; and the fighting American spirit.


There are many conventional ways to sing her praises as an artist: her experience from a young age with record labels and TV in the the music industry; her songwriting with award-winning writers like Andy Hill (Celine Dion, Westlife, Diana Ross); the literary approbation of respected figures; the projects she has completed; singing for state and church dignitaries in Europe; and notable awards and grants.  Her work as a singer-songwriter brought her into close association with managers, music industry moguls, writers, and companies launching the careers of people like Natalie Imbruglia, Jack Savoretti, and recent Disney's Next Big Thing alumni, JAGMAC. She has close friendships with award-winning songwriters, screenwriters, filmmakers, and culture-shapers.


But what really matters isn't the accolades or connections: it's that she is good. Exquisitely good. She begs comparisons with Eva Cassidy, Brooke Fraser, and Sarah McLachlan, yet remains unique. Vocally, she is flawless--a craftsman of the human voice and its capacity for beauty and expression.  As a writer, she is creative, insightful, unique, incisive, poetic--a wordsmith.  As a performer, she is charming, elegant, captivating--a sheer delight.


She is also classic within her genre--think Joni Mitchell, with whom she shares both a hometown and lyrical sensibility; think the great flourish of the 90s female singer-songwriter, but for conservatives. When listening to her, anyone familiar can't help but hearken back to the timeless work of artists like Jewel, Tracy Chapman, Jann Arden, Paula Cole, and the many other greats of that time--when intelligent lyrics, skilful storytelling, and beautiful vocal quality was paramount.


Her work has brought her across Canada and the US, throughout Europe, and into major music hubs like London, Nashville, and Los Angeles, where she currently resides.


Seeing the continuing degradation of the secular music industry--constantly reaching new moral lows and becoming increasingly, radically politicized--she decided in favour of independent rebuilding culture work over a path in the traditional music industry as a musician and performer. She chose this believing whole-heartedly that a new era of arts & culture can emerge through the courage and excellence of conservatives and all people of good will committed to building it. Her cultural aspirations for America and beyond are profound and far-reaching.


All of us here at the Kay Clarity Team believe she is an incredible voice for a new era in America and beyond, which is why we stand firmly behind her.


She has only just begun. Come along for the journey.


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"The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost."

-G. K. Chesteron


Culture building is critical for the path forward.


Politics and economics, while important, cannot save the soul of the West. It is not up to the task.


Culture and its impact is often completely missed or dismissed by the average conservative.


We need to change that.


Seeing the urgency of the cultural front in the battle before us, Kay began offering periodic commentary and publishing essays discussing pressing questions for conservatives of 2021 and other cultural themes. Her written work has appeared alongside her featured music in American Greatness, The Imaginative Conservatives, Dappled Things, and several other publications.


At Kay Clarity, we are working hard to open up new cultural frontiers for conservatives - where conservatives can start seeing their values reflected in art and culture, not in a way that smells of propaganda, but instead in a way that flows out organically from lived conservative principles in the artists themselves.  


There is much to come in terms of groundbreaking events, retreats, and artistic projects.


Join us in this critical new movement.


Read Kay's essay for 2021, "Pioneers & Preservers," which featured in January's exclusive art episode for members.



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Watch Kay's commentary on the notorious Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" to better grasp the challenges we face as conservatives.





Kay periodically contributes via modelling to projects, companies, and products she believes in, such as Ghirelli and House of Royals. She is currently closed to modelling client requests.


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A Classic Education

Alongside developing her professional music career, Kay thoroughly studied many of the greatest books and classic texts of Western civilization, from Plato and Aristotle to Augustine and Aquinas to modern-era literary greats, graduating summa cum laude with her MA in Theology.  She has plans to complete doctoral studies in the coming years.

A committed Catholic and aided by her time studying in Austria, she has a deep love for the beauty of sacred art and music in the historic Catholic tradition.  She contributed as both a vocalist and co-director to polyphony choirs, and recently launched a traditional Catholic music project, CASSIA & MYRRH, to release in "chapters" throughout 2021.

She occasionally does bookings for CASSIA & MYRRH for religious and other occasions as well.  To start the conversation, visit the assessment below, select booking, and include CASSIA & MYRRH in your request.

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"The person who’s in love with their vision of community will destroy community. But the person who loves the people around them will create community everywhere they go."

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Through 2017 into 2020, Kay engaged in her personal project, "Healing through Beauty & Stories," where she played for many suffering--those seriously ill, those in abuse shelters, those suffering in homelessness--with the sole goal of bringing them something beautiful and allowing them to know they were seen, loved, valued, and honoured.  

There are plans in place with a Canadian guitarist to release an instrumental project geared toward healing, particularly for those who have been victims of human trafficking.

In August 2020, she began her Catholic project, CASSIA & MYRRH, with a desire to bring beauty and peace to a world in great need.

Any time you participate in Kay's work as a member or client, you indirectly support these and other endeavours focused on the value of beauty and stories for a broken culture.

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A new kind of culture is being built.

Beauty. Truth. Goodness.

Kay Clarity is a conservative singer-songwriter raising the banner for family, faith, freedom, virtue, excellence, and a new America & beyond.

Join us for the next great era of arts & culture.