Join Kay on Substack for a casual, artist-in-residence experience as she shares her songs, poems, stories, essays about culture, and entrepreneurial projects.


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Private Concerts

Elegant, classic entertainment to charm and delight your colleagues, clients, family, and friends. Book Kay for your next corporate event, or have her in for a private party to celebrate someone you love.

Space highly limited. Prices starting at $20,000 + expenses.

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Culture Retreats

Elegant, intimate gatherings at prime locations for conversation, entertainment, and renewal--all for the thoughtful conservative in need of a retreat away from the noise of the world.

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Quality Song Commissions

We know you are often looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life - something unique and beautiful that will light up the eyes of your spouse, child, family member or friend.  Kay offers unique song commissions, written especially with your loved one in mind, and professionally recorded at studios in Los Angeles, for you to give as a gift.

Space highly limited. Prices starting at $8500.

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Artist Mentorship

With an emphasis on her specialty of singing, musical composition and sensitivity, and songwriting, Kay offers mentorship to artists seeking to excel artistically and find their role in the coming cultural transformation. Visit assessment below to see if you qualify.

$400 for one session/$1000 for 4 sessions. 45 mins./each. Includes Exclusive Members access.  Space limited.

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Boutique Coming Soon

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Join all of us at Kay Clarity a new era in America and beyond.