Elegant Private Concerts for Your Event


For thoughtful conservatives with a discerning palette for quality, a Kay Clarity private concert, tailored to your specific needs, will hit the mark.  An elegant and enchanting weaving of song and stories will delight, inspire, and move your guests to both laughter and tears, clarity and deeper questions.


Here is the opportunity for an unforgettable focal point for an event that your guests--corporate or more intimate--will certainly notice: high-calibre meets down-to-earth charm.


Available in-person; or in digital form, filmed & recorded professionally. Prices starting at $20,000 + expenses.

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A Celebrity of the Quiet Kind


For decades, it has been a tendency to bring in past-prime celebrities to perform at your private or corporate event. At best, this only works at the level of novelty and at worst can risk banality--and your guests and loved ones deserve much better.


Conservatives in particular are increasingly less impressed by modern, left-leaning, and often crass celebrities. They prefer to support those who value conservative qualities of beauty, goodness, truth, hope, family, faith, tradition, and freedom.


The best option when choosing talent for your event is to instead be a culture-definer and a connoisseur of the world's best, quietest talent, reserved for "those who know."
Today, you can have a rare talent--Kay only performs infrequently at carefully selected private events--at your corporate or intimate gathering, one who embodies the old-world themes of dignity and elegance while still speaking the language of today, providing a true thrill to your guests and transporting them into a space of eloquent, edifying beauty and stories.
How about something unique: beautiful, conservative talent for your next event?
Space highly limited.

Talent for a New Era


We know we are at a massive juncture. With degeneration, violence, irresponsibility, and immorality seeming to take over a once great, moral land, it's time for a new era of culture. 


Kay is one of the singular talents leading us into that new phase of history, reviving our story around an authentic conservative ethos.  On top of providing excellent, elegant talent, she will inspire you and your guests with a vision for conservative culture in order to begin the great rebuilding of America and beyond, strengthening and inspiring them to their role in the coming years, and helping to spawn a new generation of artists telling the true story of human flourishing.


Available in-person; or in digital form, filmed & recorded professionally. Prices starting at $20,000 + expenses.

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Book Great Conservative Talent

Ours is a time in need of great art to inspire and move all generations toward the rebuilding of civilization.  Book great conservative talent to begin a whole new movement of wonderful art and beautiful stories for the coming new era.

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