I'm Kay Clarity, and my life is about bringing beauty and engaging stories into the world.

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In a time when everything may feel like it's in upheaval, I believe that the world has never needed beauty and stories more than now.


With this in mind, it is my joy to write, sing, compose, teach, and help other artists thrive.


Listen and watch below to get to know me through my music & words.

Poetic Folk Music:


Since first encountering the great female singer-songwriters of the mid-90s as a child, I fell in love with telling stories in poetic language through gentle folk music.
These songs are intimate sharing of my life and perspective across many years and are the most representative of who I am as an artist.
My upcoming album for this project is Joni, 50, an album about Canada, my province, Saskatchewan, and the city where both Joni Mitchell and I hail from, Saskatoon.



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Contemplative & Liturgical Music:


My "labor of love," this music is meant to bring my experience of the peace and beauty of the Catholic faith to a world in need. For the religious and non-religious alike, this project, which has reached millions of listeners, features Gregorian chant, classic hymns, gentle originals, sacred music compositions in Latin, and various collaborations with renowned dance DJ, Robbie Rivera.
I have an upcoming audio Rosary album in both Latin & English, set over original compositions in Latin, as well as more collaborations planned.



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Electro-Pop Songs:


Grown out of my co-writing and record label days, my academic background, and my increasing awareness of the power of modern pop music, this project is a mostly playful, hopeful, up-tempo blend of electronic studio sounds, intellectually-influenced lyrics, and my voice in a different light.
Along with being an enjoyable challenge, it is my way of presenting new templates for pop culture in a time when so much of what we see is unhealthy.
"Wrap It All in a Bow," below, was featured in a Christmas movie.
I have one upcoming full-length album, SONGS FOR THE APOCALYPSE, and two upcoming EPs, SUMMER & LITERATI I.



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Other Creative Expressions

Although my main tools are my voice and lyrics, I also love photography, poetry, filmmaking, instrumental music, scoring, occasional modelling, and publishing essays on beauty and culture. I'm working on two books: my Artist Manifesto and a semi-autobiographical work about Saskatchewan, where I'm from, and the singer-songwriter soil there I grew in.

I share a lot more of this, as well as my teaching and mentorship for artists, inside the membership platform, which you can learn about below.

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